Why people choose to do ear stretching?

Ear stretching is also known as gauging. The art of ear stretching has gained a lot of popularity and has been practiced in the western societies in recent times. The process of ear piercing is started as; the healed piercing is progressively enlarged by using a piece of jewelry or an ornament. Stretching ear takes a lot of time. It should be done calmly and patiently to avoid the tearing of your earlobe. Once the piercing in your ear is stretched down, you can wear hollow jeweler or wide gauge in your earlobe.

Fashion trend:
In today’s time many people are urged in doing body piercing and modifications in their body. In USA ear stretching is in great fashion in the recent years. As the art of ear stretching has become one of the trends in itself with greater acceptability and visibility among the society as more and more people are being attracted to modify and try out this trend.
Stretching of the ear has been in tradition and culture of many tribal and indigenous cultures. An individual many choose ear stretching as to show respect and ethnic reference for a particular culture that is practicing it from past years. An individual from a geographical heritage or an ethnic culture can choose ear stretching to stay connected to their cultural roots and beliefs.
If you go for ear stretching, don’t worry it is not permanently inherited, if you leave your ears pierced without any jewelry for a long period, it would heal itself within a period. However, a stretched ear piercing is permanent, once you ear is stretched more than the certain point, it losses the ability of heal a large hole. Therefore, if you want to make your ear stretching permanent, you can stretch it more that the certain point.
Ear stretching has become of the fashion trends, in today’s time, get your ear stretched now!

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