Why employers hire part-time maids through maid agencies

While there are many employers who use maid agencies to hire full-time maids, there are others who use these agencies to hire part-time maids. However, it is important to understand that whether part-time or full-time, foreign domestic helper(外傭) has many roles to play or services to offer. A part-time maid is a maid who does not permanently stay in the employer’s home. They work on schedules and may be required to work at specific hours during the week or a few days of the week. Their work schedule will mostly depend on the contract signed.

A part-time (菲傭) Filipino maid can do different chores that a full-time maid can do. If an employer is occupied with a busy schedule and does not have time for keeping their home clean and performing other chores such as cleaning, taking care of children and cooking, hiring a part-time maid will make sense for the employer. A part-time maid can do many chores in the house including vacuuming carpets, washing clothes, mopping floors and washing dishes. Any common household chore an employer cannot perform will basically be performed by the maid on a part-time basis.
The biggest advantage of hiring a part-time maid is the employer does not have to pay a lot of money to the housemaid (菲傭) in the form of monthly salary. This is because the maid only works for a few hours throughout the week. In addition, a part-time maid does not do many household chores, unlike a full-time maid. Depending on the employer’s jurisdiction, the employer may not be required to pay for the maid’s insurance. For an employer to enjoy the benefits of hiring a part-time maid, the employer should choose the right maid. An employer can choose the right maid by hiring the person through a maid agency or conducting interviews with potential employees.

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