Types of clothing

Clothes are important to protect human body. They are also an unavoidable necessity for us. Also they protect our body from different weather conditions. Types of clothing that we can wear depending on the weather are silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, polyester, jute, wool etc.

Here are the types of clothing which we need according to our weather conditions.

This cloth fabric is specially for summer season. This fabric feels comfortable and easy to wear. This is also one of the types of ancient fabric. This fabric was being used by many old civilizations. Cotton clothes come with more style these days.

This fabric is especially suitable for winter season. It protects to the human body from extreme cold and is ideal for severe winter weather. This fabric is softy, warmth, comfortable to wear. Woolen clothes include sweaters,blankets,caps or beanies like Merino Wool Beanie which keeps you warm and lighter from a chilly weather.

Silk is an ancient cloth material. It is so soft and shiny and it really feels royal to wear silky clothes. Silk is used to produce different types of dresses like sarees, fancy dress material, tie, dupatta etc. It’s easy to wash also. Silk was used in traditional era too.

This fabric is so smooth, easily washable and dries easily. Chiffon sarees are very popular in the market. This material feels weightless and is easy to carry.

This is one of the most commonly used type of fabric. It finds use in making bedsheets, blankets, mates etc.

Clothing & fashion
. Fashionaccessories include makeup items, ear-rings, footwear etc. These accessories are not an integral part of our lifestyle. Not only in markets and shops, we can buy clothes in online also. Having good idea on the types of clothing material, helps us to know about huge collections and options available while shopping for clothes. When it comes to fashion, Merino Wool Beanies are really distinguishing accessories for a person. Merino Wool Beanies are also available in online.

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