New DIY candy dispenser using daily objects

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The diy candy machine is inspired by many of the candy machines at the stores. They were such a fun thing to do. The best part of our DIY project is that you don’t have to insert a coin every time you want candy. Just press the button and whoosh, the candy is in your hand. You can use your creativity and give it various styles. This can be used has the Halloween trick or treat candy jar. This can be a great prop and a candy machine all together. There are many other exciting ways you can use it and enjoy the creation.

To make this DIY candy dispenser you will need cardboard, properly partition it into four so that you can have a good stand. A Nutella jar or any plastic jar to make the container of the candy. You can cut the upper bottom of that jar to make an insertion area. You have to be very careful if you are using shouldering gun to melt the upper part. Then have the jar cap that can use as the base of the container. A smaller lid can be used as button. Use the tooth pick or a straw to make Skelton. The spring will help you push the button and thus you can open and close the lid properly. Thus, the DIY gumball machine is done