Tiger Balm- A magic wand – One SWOOSH and pain gone

A person suffering from joint or muscular pain thinks about one thing: wish there was a magic wand, which just by its one swoosh makes the pain disappear. In the world there exist such magic wand and the magic wand is known by the name of Tiger Balm.

tiger balm is a natural pain relieving medicine which is available in market in form of ointment, liniment, heat patches, shoulder rub and muscle rub. It is a topical ointment which on applying gives, fast and effective relief in pain. Taking too much of pills always result in side effect in long term. Following natural methods for curing body pain is always advisable as they are safe and there are no hidden side effects associated with them.
The balm is made of herbal extracts of camphor and menthol. These two are the major components of all Tiger Balm products. Besides these, balm is a perfect blend of number of essential oils. The formula of balm was founded by herbalist who used to work for the royal family of China. The balm is known for its analgesic, anesthetic as well as decongestant properties. Rubbing of balm on the affected area increases blood circulation and helps in relieving pain.
This balm works wonders in relieving joint pain, arthritis joint pains, back aches, neck/ shoulder pain, pain caused due to minor injuries and many more. Rubbing of balm on temples relieves head ache and reduces stress. The balm provides solution for many problems. Beside relieving pain, it is also used in treating cold, cough and sore throat. Application of balm helps in fighting body odor.
Tiger Balm is an amazing muscle relaxant. Applying balm on stiff muscles helps in relaxing muscles. This balm is lifeline for many sports person, housewives and elderly person.