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You probably do not need an explanation to know what the online porn videos are, but let’s say you’ve lived in a bubble or on an island with no internet connection for the last ten or fifteen years and you really do not know what it’s about one of the most important industries in the world and perhaps the most watched content of all those who are online right now.

Well, they have been published a large number of studies which show how they look and how they consume sexually explicit videos in the world of the network. There is more to say that this has also proven that the consumption of porn videos in the world is only on the rise and more and more people have the tendency to look at this type of content in all social classes, genres and parts of the world.

The generation of millennials has been cited as more than half of the people who watch porn videos on the internet, with a sixty percent presence in the different portals through the network. We have studied and analyzed patterns of search and consumption by people and it has been concluded that at present the tastes and inclinations of people are more varied. It has also been shown that unlike in the last century, women now represent a large mass of consumers, reaching almost half of the total number of people who watch pornographic videos online.

People watch porn videos that involve costumes, fetishes and all kinds of fantasies, even scenarios which many people would not consider in real life but who feel pleasure, curiosity, and excitement when imagining and watching dramatized videos that involve other people. The most popular categories involve creampie to a great extent and the creampie porn has become so popular that it occupies the largest amount of space on the net, being creampie pussy the most sought after in the sites