Know about the Asus rt-ac68u factory reset?

In the age of the science and technology, everyone has electronic gadgets. We all know that mobile is essential for everyone with the internet connection. For regular internet connection, asus rt-ac68u router is the best device which provides wifi connection. Asus rt- as68u router has a gigabit wifi with 0 USB ports and ETH ports. If you want wifi connection, then you have to do asus rt-ac68u factory reset

Specification of the rt-as68u router:
Connectivity of router:
• Wifi- gigabit
• Wifi band- 2.5GHz &5GHz
• WAN- 1-gigabit port
System space:
• RAM- 270 MB
• CPU- 850 MHz
• Flash- 130MiB
How to Asus rt-ac68u factory reset?
Large numbers of the people are confused regarding the difference between the rebooting of the router and resetting of the router. A reboot is processed recycling the power of the device by turning the system off and then on again after some time. Resetting is a process of the erasing the entire configuration and reversing the whole router back from the factory. Resetting the Asus rt-ac68u router could cause many problems if you do not know the instruction. Following are the instructions that you have to consider before the resetting process:

• By default, the router password and username will be reverted.
• By default setting the password and username/wifi types are returned along with security.
• If you are using the DSL connection, then you have to reenter the ISP password and username. These will be obtained by calling the ISP.
• Then finally the entire configurations that you made such as firewall setting or port forward are erased.
During the process of Asus rt-ac68u factory reset does not unplug or turn off the router because if you turn off the router then it will damage permanently. Due to this you have to face many problems and purchase the new one.