Pros and Cons of Vaping with Dab Rigs and Nectar Bongs

Vaping has been become quite familiar since the e-cigarettes came to the market. It is basically the process of intake of various fluids which are legalized through a silicone or glass container called bongs. It has been observed to be very much common among smokers who decide to lessen the intake of cigars and among non-smokers too. There are easily available vaping containers or bongs under $100 in online shopping sites too.

Pros of e-smoking
As it has seldom any nicotine in the content, thus, smoking them cause no or less harm to your body. Another common process is dabbing, which is a slight less harsh than in taking concentrated fluids. There are also Dab rigs or commonly wipers to wipe of the excess concentration while smoking with a bong. These alternatives of e-cigarette can give you a similar experience of smoking cigars. It not only satisfies the craving of smoking but also reduces the harmful effects of nicotine.
Cons of in-taking e-cigarette
While this process has become too famous among the smokers, on the other hand it has become quite familiar among the non-smokers too. There are chances that chain smoker can drastically reduce the intake of nicotine if he gets addicted to vaping. On the other hand, a non-smoker, if indulged in the vaping process can end up getting addicted to nicotine too. As the golden words say, “Smoking is injurious to health”, any kind of vaping or smoking can cause a minimal or a few percentage of harm to your body.
Common practices of e-cigarettes
Dabbing oils and fluids in the containers and inhaling its smoke can be done through numerous ways. You can enjoy harsh effect of vaping or you can get a smooth feeling of flavored fluids. Recently launched, Nectar Collector is also an alternative to easy vaping. You can buy it from any online site and the kit would cost very minimal.