The world’s most advanced and secure technology in Encrypted Email

Email is one of the most relevant inventions of recent times, it is a tool for sending and receiving correspondence through a computer connected to an internet system, as well as documents, images, data, voice messages, videos, among other digital media, besides that it has facilitated the communicational life of people and companies, shortening distances and time.On the one hand, it is possible to emphasize the electronic mail is a very useful tool and you have facilitated in many fields the communication to distance, but this does not mean that it has disadvantaged the use of this means.

On the other hand, in what are the disadvantages we find the fact that it is very common to receive a virus through malicious or dubious emails. That is why it is always recommended to check the emails of people we know or who come from pages or services that we know are trustworthy. Another disadvantage that we can highlight is that with the electronic mail you lose your anonymity on the Internet, since in many platforms the creation of the electronic mail requests your personal data.
If you want to send Secure Mail and maintain your anonymity, there are alternatives that can guarantee your privacy.
In CTemplar we guarantee 100% anonymity, in the creation of your email, in addition to offering Encrypted Email privacy systems that helps protect cybercriminals who want to take advantage of our users’ personal information. , protecting them in this way with the encryption of end-to-end emails, generating a public key that can only be used by the sender and the recipient.
This is why our platforms have the most advanced and secure technology in the world for the sending of Secure Mail since our legal department continues to investigate Internet security and privacy laws around the world so that we can offer constantly to users the maximum level of Internet privacy.

How e mail does work and its basic explanation?

If you are the one who works in the school or office using computer/laptop, you can send and get a large number of emails per day. e mail was evolved in the year ‘1971 and that time computer engineer started utilizing the symbol ‘@’ to indicate which device it must go to. With the advancement of technologies, extra features and properties are added such as links, embedded maps,and images as well as file attachments. When you either send or get emails, you can use email customers in order to permit you to make and meet with mails from another computer user.

Another thing is that your mail client could be web-based which means you are able to check out via any web browser and it could be the application on your device.

Working of an email-
• The sender writes up one message using the email recipient on their device
• Once the sender successfully sends or deliver a message, the mail attachments and text are uploaded to the simple mail transfer practice server in the form of the outgoing email.
• In the line of outgoing mails, all the messages wait while the server connects with DNS to seek where is the recipient email server positioned. If the Recipient server is found by the SMTP, it will deliver the attachments and message. If in a case, you do not seek recipients address, the sender will get back a notification ‘mail has been not sent’ to your inbox.
• Later that, the recipient hit ‘’send & receive and their emails customers will download the whole fresh messages using their self-email server. Then, you have collected a mail.
Millions even billions of people all over the world are using kinds of mail applications. Such kinds of software or apps are available in different versions; you use one according to your needs.

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