What are the factors that lead the success of the magic show(Mađioničarska predstava)?

Although it is only a few magicians that appear on the stage, the whole set up is not only because of the effort of them. All the magic tricks are pre-planned and pre-practiced. It is not a piece of cake to perform a perfect magic trick. As, all the magic tricks are performed in front of the audience and the magician has to trick the sharp minds of the adults too, so it takes a whole lot of practice to be uncatchable. A perfect magic trick requires perfect timing. A second late can result, the curtain hiding the secret of trick, to fall. Moreover, the appropriate angle of the magicians to the audience is also important. This is because it is all the matter of view that the audience is having of the magician.

Mađioničarska predstava (The Magician’s Show) assures the perfect show as they know the importance of the events and make them unforgettable. The magic tricks are flawless and are free from clumsiness. They are the masters of perfect timing and have completely synchronized moves. They know that their single mistake will spoil the whole event and they will become the topic of a joke of the whole party. That is why they are completely conscious of the responsibility that they are having and make an event full of enthusiastic laughter.

The magic show(Mađioničarska predstava) also makes their show breath taking by efficient use of the lighting. They make the lights dull and bright according to the requirement. One of the best parts of their shows is their entry. They always make their entry innovating and exciting for the children. They have exemplary teamwork and every person is standing on the back of the other to prevent any problem that can spoil the event. In this way, they assure the best party, free of mistakes and makes one’s special day even more special.