What are high-intensity discharge kits or HID Kits?

High-Intensity Discharges or HID lights were introduced in the 1990s in BMW 7. It is an amazing and innovative technology and a developed version. The HID Kits are used to provide a better lightening quality and are used in a variety of applications. These kits make use of the xenon gas and also their properties. High-intensity discharge or HID headlights are very popular as they have many applications in the car. They are low prices lights. HID bulbs have high brightness than the LED headlights. Some of the devices which make use of the HID are the barcode reader, volume control on headsets/speakers, sensors and MRI’S.

Some of the features of HID bulbs over LED headlight bulbs are:
HID are very useful and have many features over the LED and some of them are not even included in LEDs. They are popular and can be used in replaced to LEDs.
• They are high water resistance than the LED bulbs.
• Retrofitting capability of HID is better than the LED bulbs.
• HID headlights have inbuilt safety features.
• The quality of HID is better than the LED headlights.
• HID is highly compatible than the LED bulbs
• The price is low compared to the LED bulbs.
• They have a strong warranty than the LEDs.
HID has a lot of advantages over the LED. The durability of HID is average. The heat emission is high in HID bulbs. The HID comes in seven colors whereas LED has only two colors. HID kits have more bright than the LED and are better in efficiency. HID kits need replacement frequently than the LEDs. If you are looking for a short-term and quick and the budget is tight, just choose HIDs. HID are available at the very affordable price and the prices are generally very low then the LEDs. The only difference comes between HID and LED is in manufacturing and design. HID is used in luxury cars.

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