Bugera Infinium Guitar Amplifier for College

When you are going to college, you want an amp which will allow you to rock out without raising the ire of your roommate or acquaintances. Fortunately, there are lots of impressive amps which both seem good at lower volumes and may hang with a band if needed. We have compiled a listing of five, but there are definitely more out there in the event that you look.

We already covered several good beginner amps everywhere. Any of these would suffice as dorm room amps in case you are on a tight budget. But, there are a number of small amps on the market that seem every bit as good as the large expensive amps. Each amp on this listing is pushed by tubes, instead of the solid-state amps onto the newcomer list. Without going into a lot of detail here, tube amps are usually regarded as the superior sort of amplification. The gap in sound his difficult to describe, but you will probably be able to hear it in case you ever sit down and compare tube amps into solid-state amps side-by-side.

Marshall Class 5

Just five watts, you say? You will be amazed by the wallop packed with this small combo amp from Marshall. The tone is sweet, the overdrive is crispy, and this amp can surely compete with a drummer in a small place or clinic setting. It even offers a headphone jack for quiet practice sessions.

VHT Particular 6

At six watts, this boutique VHT amp is not much more powerful compared to Marshall, but again, looks may be deceiving. These amps are hand-wired and created in tiny amounts, yet the cost does not reflect that amount high degree of craftsmanship. The point-to-point wiring method used to create such amps also means they are simple to change, which manufacturer VHT appears to promote.

The Bugera Infinium is famous for its trademark burgera and will be the hottest tube amp in Orange’s line. Its fans love its no-frills design (just 3 knobs, no side effects) and the amount of noise it could place out despite its dimensions. Overdrive the tubes in this amp and you will be rewarded with classic British crunch for much less money than the purchase price of a pile. Additionally, it offers the choice of switching from 15 to 7 g, to create attaining the crunchy noise that much simpler at low amounts.