How to properly prepare a Beef Bone Broth?

The Beef Bone Broth is not a term or a preparation precisely modern, it can be said that this is probably one of the oldest foods of humanity. This is known because in the first civilizations had the culture of taking advantage of and taking advantage of all the parts of the animals that could be eaten. Also, in the arduous contests in which the armies and soldiers Mongols, Romans or Greeks, they noted the incredible strength and resistance displayed by its members, with a diet that included this preparation.

On the other hand, you can think that the Beef Bone Broth was prepared by simply adding all the ingredients in a pot with water and let it cook for a while. This is a certain part is true; however, the secret of a good broth of bones lies in the slow cooking of the bones, with the addition of an acid component that encourages the breakage of bone molecules, so that all the minerals and nutrients that benefit so many are extracted contribute to the organism of the human being. In this sense, the following will briefly indicate the correct way to prepare a rich Beef Bone Broth:
The ingredients that are required for a maximum of 12 cups of broth are: 2 kilos of various bones of beef, such as marrow with a little meat, ribs, tail, knuckles, among others; vegetable such as chard, carrot, celery, onion, leek and garlic; likewise, laurel, salt, peppercorns and, the secret touch, apple cider vinegar. For the preparation, it is recommended to roast all the ingredients to the oven previously, in this way the broth will have more flavor. Once roasted, place in a slow cooker covered with about 1 liter of water or more if necessary, which will have vinegar, bay leaf, and pepper. Cook slowly for a period of 12 to 24 hours, because the longer the cooking lasts, the more nutrients are released from the bones.
To know in detail the preparation described above, it is recommended to enter the website link, where the appropriate portions and times are indicated.