What you must know about the Tippmann X7 Assault Phenom

The Assault Phenom is a legendary paintball gun. With its tactical and mean look, it is a magnificent gun that packs a lot of power. It is a mechanical paintball gun although you can make it an electronic paintball gun if you choose to, just by purchasing e-grips that are sold for it.

What makes the X7 Phenom really special is that it features something called a flex valve. Flex valve technology allows the gun’s user to fine tune the release of CO2 or compressed air that is fed into the gun. Therefore, one has a tremendous amount of control over various qualities like the amount of recoil, the velocity with which paintballs are fired and the range that the gun can cover, all with a twist of a little valve.

The stock barrel on this gun is 7 inches long. Though it is a mechanical gun, it comes with a firing mode selector that will allow you to switch from semi-auto to three fire burst and single shots, should you need any of those specific firing modes.

Like with any Tippmann product, one of the biggest selling points of the X7 Phenom is the Tippmann warranty that is just fantastic. Run into problems with the Phenom when it is on warranty and just a phone call will get you free repairs, replacements or advice on how you can fix various problems. Tippmann is one company that always stands by its products, ready to address any issues you might have.

You can use this gun with either a CO2 tank or compressed air tanks. Many have said that the gun fires with accuracy, speed and durability that one can only expect from guns that typically cost over $1,000. With those kind of credentials, you can easily call this gun one of the best paintball guns when it comes to mechanical guns at least. And remember, an upgrade to make this an electronic paintball marker is just $50 or $75 away. So, you can essentially buy this gun as a mechanical gun and then use it as an electronic marker, making it serve you at least a couple of years before you are ready for something more substantial.