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Herb tools – get different kinds of glass bong style

Which glass bong style is best? The questions often come in the mind of bong users who want to try a different style of it. Well, that’s very obvious especially when you are using a particular style for a long time. It’s time to overcome the aversion to bong styles and try something new. So, here are the different styles available on “herb-tools “website:

Standard Bongs
It has a base, downstream, mouthpiece and tube in it. There are other such bongs come with ice pinches which let you cool down the smoke easily and quickly. Pour some water on the base of it, pack a bowl and you are good. This is the common bong and favorite of bong users.
Percolator Bong
It has multiple compartments in which the bong users pour water. To create more surface area, smoke is being broken up into very tiny or small particles. As you know that more surface means cooler smoke and hit the user smoothly. It gives you best smoking experience, and its shape is responsible for this.

Gravity Bong
If you like producing massive clouds, then gravity bongs are best. The “Herb tools” website has a huge stock of such bongs. It is a homemade device, and the bowl filled with cannabis is inserted at the top of it. Along with this, a shot-gun like effects has been created by this bong which hit your sense as soon as you inhale the smoke in.
Fritted Disc Bong
This one has made from the tiny glass shades and one of a kind bong. It further has tinny holes in it via which smoke gets break into small particles. It is even economical so that everyone can get used to its benefits.
All these bongs are available only on “Herb tools” website plus they never run out of the stock.