Tips For Playing Fantasy Football

I began playing with sky super six fantasy football after I was 16 years old. When a couple of friends asked me to join a league they were beginning, I got into it. Before that season, I’d never heard of fantasy football. Remember this was back long prior to the game had developed a degree of popularity that bridges all age, sex, and racial differences. There were not 10 different fantasy football magazines like there’s now to choose from in every grocery store, drug store, and book store in America. Before my initial draft, nobody told me anything about strategy. All I needed to go by was a list of last year’s players, as well as the fantasy points they scored. So, looking over that list, one thing jumped out at me instantly. Morton Anderson scored the most fantasy points out of another player in the NFL the past season. (It is really painful to write this story down. It is vividly bringing back the humiliation I’m going to tell you)
I believe it may have been 3rd, although I do not recall precisely what place I was drafting. I remember the delight and shock when the initial two picks went by, and Morton Anderson(along with every other kicker) stayed on the board. As I gloated about being the brightest man in the area, I clearly recall a sense of smug satisfaction washing over me. “How could these morons be taking running backs, when the kickers score so additional points?” As i laughed to myself, I believed. Obviously it never happened to me how interchangeable kickers are, in contrast to the exceptional worth which comes having a top five running back or wide receiver. Therefore, when it is finally my turn to draft I proudly announce, “I take Morton Anderson!” When I talked, there was perhaps a second or two of total silence while the room was permeated by the words. Subsequently, all simultaneously, as if someone flipped a switch on a laugh track machine, the room erupted. I instantly recognized that I’d made a total idiot of myself.