Questions to ponder about the use of Etizolam

The world has heard the buzzing word Etizolam in the recent years. If you check the data of drug abuses in the olden times and now, sure it is increasing. And have you checked how many of this drug abuse case occur due to uncontrolled and unscheduled drugs or chemical substances? Teenagers or youngsters of this generation are more curious and more vulnerable. The world is constantly evolving and they are on the surface, they can easily get carried away with whatever trend is following. And guess what? The etizolam for sale, use and distribution has seen sky high numbers. People are constantly using it, buying it for their own reason.

The drug is not commonly prescribed in many countries and in many countries it is unscheduled and uncontrolled. For an instance, in USA the drug can be ordered or bought from many online sites. It is also a domestic research chemical. Who questions the quality or quantity? Who keeps a check on who is buying how much? Surely, nobody. Everyday hundreds of them buy this chemical substance. And it is high time that the etizolam legality is questioned. Some states have banned it and some states are still using it. The whole system has big loophole and that needs to be fixed before it causes a serious issue.
The chemical substance has not all things bad though; it can lower blood pressure and is less addictive than benzodiazepines. But addictive and that’s absolutely it should be controlled. It is a prescribed drug used as a sedative and a treatment for Insomnia. But also overdose and pushing its limits can cause adverse effects. The chemical substance is used as recreational drug, for the sole purpose of pleasure. And what if this pleasure cases dependence or addiction?