Download Claymore Miner 11.6 and make sure you perfect your Ethereum

The mining world of Ethereum is a very new area, which is gaining more ground every day in the field of block chains. To carry out this kind of strategy, it is necessary to use the latest techniques that have been invented.
One of these strategies is the use of a software Claymore Miner 11.6, which is compatible and friendly with Windows, in order to perform the procedure as safely as possible.

Changes made to the Claymore Ethereum 11.6 software ensure that the DevFee is avoided. The way to install it is very simple. You have to follow some guidelines, among which we can mention, that you have to remove, in its entirety, the files and save them in a folder.
Another important point to Download Claymore 11.6 No Fee, is that the folder must not contain files, therefore, you have to open a new folder. Once this step is finished, you have to edit the .bat file.
To check if Claymore 11.6 works correctly, you can see the records that have the extension .txt for “devfee”. Another form of verification is checking the “eth_submitLogin” files, in which the address is not.
With Claymore Miner 11.6 Download, any address will disappear and you can remove the files safely. This software is not open source, so check the changes made to the program and try to avoid the nofee.
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