Specks for all the lazy binge watcher’s hacks

Hello there, beautiful people, it’s Wengie here to tell you all about the Wengie’s life hacks. Life is already so hectic and weird and on top of it for simple things you have to get up and do it, that is quite frustrating. I understand you people and so for you all lazy sweethearts there are some really great lazy hacks for you.

I have always been having the troubles when I have to watch shows on laptops or do something and that I can’t in my comfortable position. Its so much hectic and such a pain. Not just it causes pain in neck and arms, you have to keep watching because the show is interesting. This is a real issue of everyone who likes binge watching the shows.
For that I came up with a funny hack, it is not actually funny but a very smart life hack. There are a great product 90-degree mirror specks. This is the life saver. Just wear these specks and you can watch your show sleeping, why just shows, you can do all your work using it and enjoying without having pain to sit or having other pain when you are holding it.
This is one superb life hack that you can DIY too. Use four mirrors. One will be straight and the upper mirror will be tilted a little, and the great light will reflect the way you want and you can enjoy everything on your laptop without a problem.
This prank actually became useful and not funny. Sometimes I feel I am genius, actually not sometimes, it’s every time. There are many lifehacks that you can always discover buy being lazier. So, keep being lazy and stay tuned for some of the best funny life hacks and pranks.

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