Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев): Modernize areas of educational institutions in Sofia municipality

To guarantee an education that is of high quality, there must be structures that help to promote the creativity, knowledge, and abilities of children. In addition, these spaces of development will be 100 percent safe for these children and young people.

That is why Councilor Orlin Aleksiev along with the Municipal Council of Sofia have developed for 15 years a program that is responsible for making spaces that are suitable to develop and enhance the different abilities of children.

That is to say, this project of Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев) has as main objective to create a place that is suitable so that each of the children who are in daycare centers or schools in the municipality of Sofia have optimal establishments, through the construction of buildings and the optimization of establishments in the city.

In the same way, the program carried out by Orlin Aleksiev has financing that allows modernizing the parks of schools for children, in addition to improving and optimizing the conditions of sports areas and outdoor areas. Likewise, the program also has support from the resources of the Specialized Municipal Privatization Fund (SOFP).
Similarly, the SOFP that works together with the Municipal Council of Sofia and Orlin Aleksiev is an agency that is recognized for collecting and distributing several funds that are obtained through the sale of properties that are located throughout the municipality of Sofia.

Likewise, this agency is characterized by carrying out works that aim to invest funds that allow the development of different projects and programs that enhance and increase the quality of the image of the entire city, so that it can count on better conditions.
Through the Specialized Municipal Privatization Fund (SOFP), the council has managed to carry out a large amount of financing. Through these financings, the Municipal Council of Sofia has managed to make a great number of repairs, reconstructions, and expansion of different areas and spaces for educational institutions.

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