God’s Presence Is Universal – You Need to Sense Him

International missionaries are popular entities in contemporary time because the organizers of international missionaries could be the one among “third culture kids” commonly called as missionary kids. God has created you as a human for a mission of mankind. International missionaries are not about a mankind as a whole but they have purpose to promote their mission, a mission specific to a group which believes in set pattern of preachings. To serve mankind may be one mission but to serve an international missionary is something different. God never asked you to communicate through a missionary to have faith in Him but supports you serve the mankind as a whole.

Sense a God

The belief that repetitive access to the Bible Images or other Holy Books takes you near to the God but this is not the fact. God is always near you but you need to sense Him. You can sense God’s presence in the following ways:

• You have something wrong in you about which you never confessed. This blocks your communication to God, like your parents would feel hurt when you don’t commit your mistakes with them.

• You might have forgot to pray because you’re busy in enjoying comforts and luxuries God has offered you. When you can’t remember God, how can you expect Him to remember you.

• Praise a Lord and He will praise you forever.

• You may be physically robust but your spiritual sense may not be strong. You might need a spiritual healing to sense your nearness to God.

Thus, you need a pure heart, spotless conscience, soul sanctity, and confident faith to sense God in yourself and around you all the times.

You don’t need an association

God has an independent existence and there is nothing which associates Him with a missionary or religion. God’s presence can be sensed in mankind, in creatures and in lifeless matters you come across in your life, provided you follow the above rules.

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