Firefly 2: Better Vaping Through Technology

Last week by Firefly headquarters lost in San Francisco to find out concerning the firefly 2 review. CTO Sasha Robinson and Company CEO Mark Williams were kind enough to give a summary of the product to me. The first Firefly was lauded for its usage of a glass chamber as well as convection heat to provide an optimum combination of operation that was fast and clean flavor. The Firefly 2 is one of the very technologically sophisticated and lovely dry herb vaporizers and features several developments on the original who I have ever seen.

Better, Smaller, Quicker, More Powerful
Would you vape with her? I ‘d!
Just like the first, the Firefly 2 is effective at vaporizing loose leaf herb and concentrates. Beyond that, the more recent version is much better in every way. The most noticeable difference is its form factor. It’s 55 percent lighter and 33 percent smaller than its forerunner. In real world terms, the Firefly was comfortable to work with and 2 felt wonderful in my own hands.

The chamber of the Firefly 2 can also be significantly enhanced, featuring glass and more air holes than the one seen in the first. The effect is the capacity to savor a cleaner and more concentrated vape. Sasha was swift to indicate while Mark mentioned that increasing the air holes from six to 55 drastically increased functionality that optimizing the usage of glass helps create the purest flavor potential. Considering that convection heat is used by the hardware, vapers can appreciate their loose leaf herb and concentrates in an issue of seconds.

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