Finding Authentic Virgin Indian Remy Hair

With a lot of brands claiming to have Virgin Remy hair and using the significant price tag the label takes, it is important to find a way to tell whether the hair you’re buying really is 100% wholesale Indian hair.

At its simplest level, the term “remy” can be used to refer to hair that is chosen root end first from one single donor. The cuticles are kept whole and every hair strand is facing one way. Remy hair is, in addition, frequently referred to as “cuticle hair”. In its most straightforward form, “virgin” describes hair which has not ever been processed. It is free from any substances including silicones, perm, relaxer, colours and dyes. Virgin Remy is the purest kind accessible: a mixture of unprocessed hair using its cuticles whole.

I would like to begin by saying that if you’re buying hair in a beauty supply shop, you aren’t buying Virgin Remy Hair that is bona fide. In addition, if hair is being purchased by you with the exact colour designation for example #1B or #2 authentic wholesale Indian hair is NOT being bought by you. Because Virgin Remy hair colored or is not chemically treated. It comes in brownish and natural black. Colour labels are attached to packages of hair since they treated and have been dyed that colour.

This brings me to one of the first way that are very to tell authentic virgin remy hair: the shade. The colour of virgin Indian Remy is that of the natural hair color of the donor. While it is a fact this could be a selection of natural black and browns, it is usually a moderate brown that’s usually lighter compared to store bought appellation #1B. Additionally, the colour WOn’t be uniform throughout the whole package. You will see distinct natural highlights both darker and lighter than that of the primary color. Moreover, there will usually be strands of gray hair through the package.

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