Desi Serial at your fingertips

desi-tashan is a great website that has a group of TV series for you. From all types of genre and all different types of styles this is there at your fingertips. The different designs of the layouts of the website is well responsive and the user interface is very user friendly too. The site is made to have all the video sitemaps and so you don’t have to worry about installing other video players.

Desi serials are more involving. Now a day these serials have got quite a popularity in the Indian house. They are very involving as many shows show the interrelation of the Indian houses. The desi serialslike Kumkum bhagya and yeh hai mohobatin shows how the Indian families are and link every household. They have got this popularity because they have been successful in depicting how the Indian household works.
In our daily schedules we at times miss our favourite shows. Some times the timing of there Indian dramas too clashes and we miss the opportunity. Desi-Tashan is great platform to see them what you have missed. Not just missed shows, you can rewatch the same series. Or you are more of an impatient type, and can’t hold on much, that’s fine! Cause here you can watch the entire series till date.
The desi serials are more of soul touching type. They have that feeling of how the group of joint family works. They show the issues that a normal house wife can face. Its not just the man who has all the worldly issues. The desi-dramas through different shows have all showcased how the Indian society is. What sort of vendetta a person can have. They are more importantly teaching the art of living.
The desi drama is soul touching and many where eye openers too. Different desi drama delivered by some splendid characters. These characters become the household name and you can always relate with each some way or the other.

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