Armodafinil Australia: An effective psycho-stimulant for treating Narcolepsy

Armodafinil Australia is a very effective psycho-stimulant that helps us to improve various disorders, wakefulness, narcolepsy, apnea or hypopnea syndrome, etc. This pill is taken only when non-drug methods and approaches have not been useful enough to cure the disorders above. In Australia, Modafinil has already been used for the same set of indications. But the difference is that R and S isomers in a 1:1 mixture ratio makes up Modafinil, and only R isomer makes up the Armodafinil. For both of them, the mechanism of action is unknown to doctors and scientists.

How is Armodafinil related to Modafinil?
Waklert and Artvigil are the two very popular brands of Armodafinil. It is a Sun Pharmaceutical brand which manufactures Armodafinil and Modafinil which a person suffering from sleeping disorders can intake with or without a prescription, although it is recommended to get a doctor’s opinion.

Even concerning metabolism, absorption and elimination processes are very much similar with just a slight difference. The peak serum concentration and the exposure or the area under the curve after oral administration, are higher for Armodafinil than it is for Modafinil.

Therefore, they are essentially bioequivalent but cannot be substituted directly.
Dosage of Armodafinil
• It should be taken one time in the morning, daily for sleeping disorders, narcolepsy and just one hour before starting to work, for those who have work sleep disorder.
• The people who are suffering from severe hepatic impairment, the dose should be reduced.
• The doses should be of a lesser amount of older people because it takes time for the clearance of the drug from their body.
• The doses of Armodafinilshould be thus registered in women so that she can choose an alternative contraception, because of the interaction of the drug with the hormone contraceptive.
However, with every new drug, comes the responsibility of using it sincerely?Each kind of drug has some form of side effects, and hence everyone should be careful about using Armodafinil.

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